The first and final prototypes of ALIADA have been deployed in the Library or Collection Management Software provided by the IT SMEs of the consortium: ARTIUM (Cotemporary Art Museum in Spain) and MFAB (Museum of Fine Arts of Budapest).

  • The deployment of this first release was monitored by staff from the cultural institutions with experience in the management system. The SMEs supported technically the testing. During this first deployment, the librarians from ARTIUM and curators and IT staff from the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, selected the MARC or LIDO metadata to convert to RDF and to link to other external datasets. The datasets were generated and stored in the Virtuoso RDF store, but they were not yet officially published on the DataHub repository, because the Publishing module of ALIADA was scheduled for the second prototype.
  • The deploymentof the second release included the publication of the datasets in the DataHub repository. Moreover, it was also possible to import Dublin Core XML and MARC XML Authorities records to convert to RDF, as it was another improvement included in the second prototype.